The Event – 2024

POLIMI GSoM Business Game 2024 will be held in presence at Radisson Blu Hotel, in Milan on the 22nd and 23rd of February, lasting 2 days. During these days, participants will work in teams, analyzing and solving the business cases proposed by our Corporate Partners. Once selected to attend POLIMI GSoM BG 2024, participants will be notified with all the instructions necessary to access the event platform. Before the competition if not already enrolled with a buddy, each participant will be assigned one. The larger teams (6 people) will be instead assigned before each challenge and will be changed for each one. For each challenge a the jury will determine a challenge-winner. The performance achieved throughout different challenges will determine an overall winner of the event, announced during the closing ceremony. Along the POLIMI  GSoM BG days, there will be plenty of networking and learning opportunities such as keynote speeches, workshops, and one-to-one interviews to foster a 360° experience.

How to participate to POLIMI GSoM BG?
1. Registration

Register on our platform, uploading your personal information and your CV.

2. Pair up (optional)

If you wish, you will have the opportunity in your application form to indicate a partner whom you would fancy to face the event challenges with. This is an optional step, in any case both the participants will have to apply and insert the preference reciprocally.

3. Selection Test

Take our online test on one of the available sessions (which will take place on 21/10/2023, 28/10/2023, 02/11/2023). After you have completed step 1, you will receive by email all the needed information to take the test closer to the dates.

4. Get Feedback

Take a deep breath and wait for an email with our feedback (remember to check the spam as well – results will be published at the latest 2 weeks before the event). The students are selected only on the basis of the score acquired during the test and their CVs.

5. Join our BG!

If you have been selected, please confirm your presence and pay the participation fee. We are looking forward to welcoming you to POLIMI GSoM Business Game 2024!

Challenge Yourself

During the MIPBG, you will be asked to solve challenging problems in only a few hours and with a new team for every challenge.

Connect with corporates

You will have the possibility to meet current corporate leaders and get inspired by their advice.

learn Differently

You can finally improve you soft skills and get in touch with real-life business cases, understanding how to quickly solve problems.

Enjoy the moment

MIPBG represents a unique opportunity of networking. You can challenge yourself while having fun!



Who can participate in the POLIMI GSoM Business Game ?

To be eligible for participation, the participants must be in BA3, MA1, or MA2 (last year of Bachelor and first or second of Master of Science). MBA students will also be accepted. On the contrary, all CMA (complementary master), or PhD students will not be accepted. Master students graduated in the period going from May to November can also participate to POLIMI GSoM BG.

Do I need to be a business school student to apply for the POLIMI GSoM Business Game ?
No. Every student interested in business is well accepted regardless of University background. Heterogeneity in a team is key to come up with innovative and unexpected ideas. Background of studies will not be a constraint and selection will be solely based on CV and selection test score.
How much does it cost to participate ?

The participation fee for the 2024 edition is 50€ per participant. Please note, this fee is only applicable to applicants who pass the online selection round.

How can I apply ?

You will complete the entire application process online. To apply, go to our registration page and follow the indicated steps.
The steps include a registration on our website and after that you will be required to take a selection online test on specific dates (21/10/2024, 28/10/2024, 02/11/2024). After having sent your application on our website, you will receive specific indications on how to take the test on the predefined dates.


When do registrations close ?

Registrations close the 2nd of November, just before the last chance to take the online test.


How are participants selected ?

Participants are selected based on CV screening and the result of an online selection test. The test can be carried out on one of the following sessions: 21/10/2023, 28/10/2023, 02/11/2023.

How should I take the selection test ?

You and your teammate (if you indicated one) will take the test individually. The test will last approximately 1 hour and will take place on this website. A button taking you to the test page will appear on the home page once test dates are open. You will also receive more precise indications and instructions by email closer to the test dates.

When will I be notified about the outcome of my application ?
We aim to respond to your application as soon as possible. To give you a yardstick, please consider that results will be communicated at the latest two weeks before the beginning of the event.
I have been selected, yet I won't be able to participate, what should I do ?

Please, inform us as early as possible if you won’t be able to participate, so another person gets the chance to take your place. The team can be contacted at


When will the POLIMI GSoM Business Game take place ?

The fourth edition of POLIMI GSoM Business Game will be held between 22nd and 23rd of February 2024.

Where will the POLIMI GSoM Business Game take place ?

This year, the event will take place in Milan at Radisson Blu Hotel.

Which language will be used ?
The entire event will be held in English.
Do I need specific prior knowledge in order to participate ?
No, there is not specific knowledge required before the event. Every case will be introduced beforehand, so you will have all the information to solve the challenges. However, we do encourage you to read about the different the different companies (they are the ones that will provide you with the cases, which will be related to their business) before the event.
Will I have the opportunity to apply for an internship or job with the corporate partners ?

POLIMI GSoM Business Game will be an amazing opportunity for you to get in touch with top-level Corporate Partners. Apart from the challenges, also one-to-one interviews, workshops and Q&A sessions with companies will be organized during the event. During such occasions, you will have direct interactions and one-to-one conversations with some of the experts from our Corporate Partners.

Will I do the challenges alone ?
No, you will be teamed with other participants. We will guarantee heterogeneity and it will be the perfect occasion to challenge your teamworking capabilities. Of course, if you selected a “Buddy” during the application process (the selection must be reciprocal) you will be teamed together.
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