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Rai Pubblicità

Rai Pubblicità is the concessionaire for Rai’s total video and total audio offerings, inclusive of all digital and social platforms

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The Evolution of Sipra: From Radio Advertising to Rai Pubblicità in Modern Italy

Established in 1926 as the “Italian Society for Radio and Anonymous Advertising” (Sipra), the company became a public entity in the 1930s. Post-World War II, Sipra ventured into cinema and played a pivotal role in the success of Carosello, Italy’s first TV advertising program. In 1971, Rai, the national broadcaster, acquired full ownership. The 1980s brought changes with the rise of local TV stations, and Sipra adapted, managing advertising for private networks. Legislative changes in 1990 addressed the evolving media landscape. Now operating as Rai Pubblicità since 2013, it exclusively handles advertising for Rai’s TV networks and major cinema circuits in Italy, showcasing creativity through events like the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.


Rai Pubblicità: Driving Creative Advertising in Italy

Currently operating as Rai Pubblicità since 2013, the company exclusively manages advertising for Rai’s television networks and major cinema circuits in Italy. Its activities span across traditional television advertising to a more contemporary landscape, extending its reach to digital and social platforms. Rai Pubblicità continues to be a key player in fostering creativity, participating in international advertising events like the Cannes Lions Festival, and organizing initiatives such as the annual Radiofestival award for radio advertising. This evolution showcases Rai Pubblicità’s commitment to innovation and adaptability in the dynamic world of advertising.


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