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Socialbooth provide a unique and memorable experience to people attending your events.

  • Generate new contacts
  • Encourage the creation and sharing of content featuring your brand
  • Increase the visibility of your brand or event
  • Enhance participant engagement

Elevating Events: The Socialbooth Photobooth Experience

The Socialbooth Photobooth offers a unique and interactive experience for event attendees. With its AI capabilities, it goes beyond simple photo-taking, allowing for limitless customization. Utilizing Green Screen technology, participants can be transported to any backdrop of their choice, from exotic beaches to otherworldly landscapes. Socialbooth’s option to upload different backgrounds adds a personal touch to each photo memory.

Crafted in Milan, the design capital, the Photobooth embodies sophistication and innovation. It’s more than just a device; it’s a statement piece that reflects the event’s theme and brand identity seamlessly. Through its customization options, it transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary brand messages, creating an unforgettable event experience for all.

Immersive Storytelling: The Videobooth 360 Experience

The Videobooth 360, offered by Socialbooth, revolutionizes event entertainment, captivating attendees with its innovative technology. Participants create stunning 360° videos, capturing every moment seamlessly. Branded elements and customizable effects allow businesses to showcase their identity effectively. Whether at a corporate event or private party, the Videobooth 360 leaves a lasting impression on guests.

Versatile content generated by the Videobooth 360 can be shared across various platforms, maximizing reach and engagement. Step into the future of event entertainment with the Videobooth 360, where every moment becomes an opportunity to tell your brand’s story in an immersive way.

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