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Microelettrica has been independently designing, developing, and manufacturing contactors, protective relays, and resistors for the most advanced and complex applications in the fields of railway transportation, urban mobility, and industry for 70 years.

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Microelettrica: A 70-Year Journey of Excellence and Expansion

Founded in Milan in 1953, Microelettrica Scientifica has evolved from its origins as an “automatic electrical equipment” manufacturer into a global industry leader. The company has made substantial strides, expanding its product range to include contactors, resistors, and electronic protection relays. Rapid international expansion followed in the 1970s, with exports now constituting nearly 80% of production. Known for its specialized solutions in the railway sector, the company relocated to a new headquarters in Rozzano, Milan, in 1985, facilitating further global expansion.

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Microelettrica Guiding Values

Microelettrica’s core values include entrepreneurship, technological excellence, responsibility, and reliability. These values underpin the company’s daily actions, with a strong emphasis on innovation, anticipating customer needs, fostering diversity and respect, and upholding high safety and quality standards. Microelettrica also promotes personal growth through talent development programs and extends its responsibility to society and the environment. The organization’s passion and determination drive the development of new ideas.

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