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“Parva sed apta mihi, sed nulli obnoxia, sed non sordida, parta meo sed tamen aere domus.”

“Small is my humble roof, but well designed to suit the temper of the master’s mind; hurtful to none, it boasts a decent pride, that my poor purse the modest cost supplied.”

                                                                            ~ Ludovico Ariosto

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About SedApta

SedApta, whose name come from the Latin words for “small, but well designed”, is specialized in the development of innovative IT Solutions for Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. SedApta is an international Group formed from the aggregation of top tech companies based in Italy, Germany, France, UK and Brazil. Each a leader in their industry, together they share over 25 years of experience in Manufacturing IT & Supply Chain Management. Today, over 1000 customers rely on their products for the optimization of their supply chain. SedApta offers a seamless, integrated suite of solutions that can enable planning, execution and optimization across all supply chain functions, to maximize business results. The world is changing all around us. To continue to thrive as a business over the next years and beyond, the company wants to look ahead, understand the trends and forces that will shape businesses in the future and move swiftly to prepare for what’s to come.

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SedApta: Talent and Team

Everyone has something in common at SedApta: at the end of the day, people love and are satisfied with what they do, because whatever their role is, they know they are making a difference. For all of them, the customer always comes first: we face new technological challenges in order to propose products that are always in step with innovations; they analyze specific production processes in order to identify and implement the optimal solution, providing high-level technical support to stay close to their customers throughout the entire process. The team is fortunate to work in an international company, which allows to work with different cultures and points of view, but above all gives them the chance to build a cohesive group with a positive impact for the company and for their customers, together.

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