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You cannot describe passion, you can only live it.

The Prancing Horse is globally recognized as pinnacle of luxury and exclusivity, of performance and Design and the essence of “Made in Italy”. A unique reputation founded on decades of sporting success. A passion that drove the founder Enzo Ferrari, and that fuels Ferrari’s constant desire to innovate, to set new standards, to deliver outstanding products and memorable experiences. A passion that comes to life in the brand, the cars, the drivers and the heritage.

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About Ferrari

Their company is named after their founder Enzo Ferrari. An Alfa Romeo driver since 1924, Enzo Ferrari founded his own racing team, Scuderia Ferrari, in Modena in 1929 initially to race Alfa Romeo cars. In 1939 he set up his own company, initially called Auto Avio Costruzioni. In late 1943, Enzo Ferrari moved his headquarters from Modena to Maranello, which remains theirheadquarters to this day. In 1947, they produced their first racing car, the 125 S. The 125 S’s powerful 12 cylinder engine would go on to become synonymous with the Ferrari brand. In 1948, the first road car, the Ferrari 166 Inter, was produced. Styling quickly became an integral part of the Ferrari brand. In 1950, they began their participation in the formula 1 World Championship, racing in the world’s second Grand Prix in Monaco, which makes Scuderia Ferrari the longest running Formula 1 team. They won their first Constructor World Title in 1952. Their success on the world’s tracks and roads extends beyond Formula 1, including victories in some of the most important car races such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the world’s oldest endurance automobile race, and the 24 Hours of Daytona.

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Ferrari's Employees

Human capital is a crucial factor in their success, building on their position as a global leader in the luxury performance car sector and creating long-term, sustainable value. To recognize excellence, encourage professional development and create equal opportunities, they adopt a number of initiatives, including their appraisal system to assess their middle-managers and white collar employees through performance management metrics; their talent management and succession planning; training and skill-building initiatives; employee satisfaction and engagement surveys, including their so-called “Pit Stop” and “Pole Position” programs; and flexible work arrangements, commuting programs and a dedicated welfare program, Formula Benessere, which includes, among other programs, Formula Benessere Donna and Formula Benessere Junior (offering medical assistance to employees and their families) and Formula Estate Junior (offering Summer Campus to the children of employees).

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